You In?

Skinny on the "You In?"® Plate

Features & Benefits

Easy Assembly, Easy Disassembly

The two parts detach from each other so you can insert your image of choice and change that photo as often as you would like.

Made To Last

The plate is safe for indoor and outdoor use.  The 11” diameter “You In?”® Plate features a durable transparent top plate that won't shatter if dropped.   The elastomer non-skid base won't slide or pitch... even if your boat, RV, or tailgate table does!  

Proudly Made in the USA

You inspire us from start to finish! We produce, assemble, and package in the USA... also home to our top plate material supplier, Eastman Chemical Company.

BPA Free

The "You In?"® Plate is BPA free and reusable... over and over again. Don't lose sight of those memorable moments!  Tritan keeps them clear. Eastman Tritan, a new generation BPA free polymer.


The "You In?"® two part Plate is personal and versatile. You cANN display your image of choice to celebrate any occasion.  Set the table with your own birthday, holiday, team or gift giving creations. Your guests will be bowled over! Serve 'em up!

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Dishwasher Safe

Our double groove patented design keeps water out when assembled properly. The plate is safe in the gentle cycle, or wash by hand.  Patent No. 9,259,109

Available Colors

The "You In?"® Plate comes in four colors: Aqua Blue, Green, Pink, and Cool Gray.

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