You In?

Introducing the “You In?” Plate

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“The possibilities are endless! Make all meals meaningful by stirring in a cup of creativity.  Impress your guests, they’ll be bowled over!  So many plates in one!”


Ann Samenuk, Founder






Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Showers -  

Surprise your honoree by slicing that cake on a  

personalized party plate! 

Now don't be jealous, we're sure that someone will 

re-create it  just for you and all the family, over and over again!  

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, the plate serves up

so many reasons to turn every meal into a memory.





One plate, so many reasons to turn the calendar and continue to celebrate!  

Holidays & Children’s parties and gatherings…it’s so easy!  

“SEE” how cool being creative can be, at home and at school!





The plate is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

The durable top plate won’t shatter and the elastomer base

won’t slide or pitch … 

even if your yacht, RV, or tailgate table does.  From casual gatherings





…to elegant celebrations.

It’s so simple.  Hello, Hostess with the Mostess.

Fun and fabulous flair in less than 5. 

No guilt relaxation, celebrate you, too!








Team USA

Motivate, Anticipate, Visualize it!

Get In and Get Moving!  Feel fit at the Finish line.

Family Dinners, from your camera to the table, 

instantly Celebrate the WIN!

Team Plates add some competitive spirit to

every season’s tailgate.  How easy is that?










Gifts?  It’s the perfect gift!  

Wedding, anniversary, birthday, holidays, grandparents, 

housewarming, book clubs, garden clubs, teachers and coaches too!  

Make it personal.   They’ll LOVE it!