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The love of art and study of photography, coupled with the enjoyment of sports have always been daily focuses for me.  I have encouraged my own four children from very young ages to incorporate physical activity into their own routines.  I have explained that their bodies are kin to unique artwork, and that I hope they would strive to be their own best selves.  Individual body type and stature make the piece more valuable.  

The conductor knows it.  Beautiful music depends on the strings, woodwinds, and keyboards all being heard.  The gardener knows it.  Planting a mixture of multi-colored, timely blooming, various textured plants, creates the beauty.  Growing the rose among it, makes the garden even sweeter.  And, we all know it as we watch the skyline form as the sun rises behind it.  The visual strength comes from each building, regardless of height or width, opaque or reflective façade, standing side by side as if in support of each other.  

It wasn't always easy to plan designated "meal" times, but they served as support and celebration times.  We'd recognize that our one family was made up of individuals, perfect in their own bodies and interests.  We tried to turn the meal into a memory.  Surely, one of us had learned something during the day, that we had not known at breakfast.  Sometimes it was fact, sometimes fiction, but more times than not, a simple "slice of life moment."  One of the kids always took center stage to proclaim something.  

Not only could we support each other in maintaining good nutrition, but in finding creative ways to celebrate milestones, holidays, birthdays, report cards, nutritional goals, sports, arts, and all those little "somethings" that kids want displayed for recognition.  Invitations, motivations, and celebrations all made their way to the table by way of creative inserts for a plate.  The "You In?"® Plate was born, and re-created over and over again!

Today, we recognize the plate lends itself to countless intents and uses.  So, whether you are LOSING to meet your goal, TRAINING for your fitness challenge, MAINTAINING your health and nutrition, ANTICIPATING a big day, CELEBRATING a special event, EDUCATING and CREATING with your children, or good old fashioned PLAYING ...         the possibilities are endless.

Make all meals meaningful by stirring in a cup of creativity.  So grab a stack and start serving up some fun and fabulous flair in less than five!  It's so easy!  Impress your guests, they'll be bowled over!  So many plates in one!                                                                            

Ann Samenuk, Founder